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First let me tell you What is Racism?
Racism, xenophobia and intolerance are common problems in all societies. 
Ideology that defends the superiority of one race over others and the need to keep it isolated or separated from the rest within a community or a country. "Racism can even justify the physical elimination of races considered inferior"

As we have just observed, racism is no more than an individual who feels superior to another because of some physical characteristic or skin color. 
 In the America of the 50s racism was so powerful that there were laws to separate whites from blacks, discrimination was so great that there was no shame in society to mock a person of color, so much so that all people that they were not white had a work of servitude, if life was considered a waste, they lived in poverty and were not considered to vote in presidential elections or participate in political events. However, cultures as time passed were confronted and reconciled at the same time, problems arose, wars, many lost their lives, but slavery was abolished, society accepted the black citizen, gave power to participate as all equally. Today, it is important to thank the collaboration of institutions whose objective was to defend the rights of discriminated people, thanks to them, we are a mestizo world, of great and beautiful cultures and of strong ties against racism.
Many times we do not realize it but in the same television programs that we visualize there is racism since we always see in movies and series a marginalized population of mixed or African American color that is saved by a white individual or of high social stature.
 Also very rarely we observe that the black or African American is the big businessman or the one who helps the marginalized oblation that in this case would be the whites or mulatos, the black African-American is always the omisid, vagabond, work with a low salary that hardly keeps To his family. What we want to say we are the consumers of television programs or the internet never give protest of this that means that we agree with what they use in their recordings or what they put.

Man vs Wild

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Let's get into the matter, today we'll talk about Man vs. Wild, this program is one of the most watched on the television channel Discovery channel has launched in this same situations are extremely survival, also Bear Grylls who is the host of the program teaches us how to survive without any kind of knowledge about what it is to survive in the open.
In my opinion, this program is one of the best that the cable brand Discovery has launched in a long time since it brings us closer to nature and gives us knowledge about techniques that we can even use in daily life.
Behind the scenes, a ton of research is completed on the area of challenge and Bear is the beneficiary. He can speak smartly about the area and gives wonderful bits of information that he works into his commentary.

This program makes me useful because as we live our daily lives we do not know anything about nature, in this one he teaches us that we can not fight with nature since she will always be victorious. It is also good to have a little of knowledge about this although we say that it never happened to us that he does not belong to anything without knowledge, but the mere reality is that nothing in this life is definite and we do not know if it can happen to us since we are always making trips for many exotic places. 

The basic plot is Bear parachutes himself into a secluded wildlife area and is there until he gets himself out. The camera crew is along for the ride so he is not as secluded as he could be but he is out in the middle of no where with only his wits, a canteen and a flint to get him through.

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